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phpBB2 Plus 1.3
phpBB2 Plus 1.3 is a complete "premodded" Package of phpBB 2.0.6. phpBB2 Plus can be downloaded at Credits for all Mods go to their Authors only. See below a List of all installed Mods in this package.
Title Version Description Author Download Website
Advanced Links Mod 1.2.0e Display links (with logo) on the forum index page Stefan Paulus / CRLin
Advanced Quick Reply Mod 1.1.1 This will allow users to use quick reply form which is placed below every topic. Rustydragon
BBCode Buttons Organizer 1.0.1 Allows for neater display of additional quick BBCode buttons. Nuttzy
BBCode Fade Mod 1.2.0 This takes the text between the tags and makes it fade away Brewjah
BBCode Flash Mod 2.0.0 Adds a flash bbcode tag to your forum David Smith
BBCode Flip Mod 1.2.0 Flip BBcode creates a vertical and a horizontal flip style Nuttzy
BBCode PHP Syntax Highlighter 3.0.3 Highlights PHP specific code when used Fubonis
BBCode Scroll Mod 1.2.0 Displays scrolling text using the marquee tag. Brewjah
Board Statistics 2.1.5 The Statistics Mod is a complete statistics core for your phpBB 2 board. Acyd Burn
Calendar on topics 1.00 beta This mod adds a calendar to your board, working with natural phpBB auth Ptirhiik
Card Ban System 1.3.7 Card Ban and Warning System for phpBB2 Niels Chr. Denmark
Categories hierarchy Mod 2.0.0 This mod allows to attach a categorie to a higher level categorie, keeping all the forum visible on the index page (vBulletin-like view) Ptirhiik
Color font bar 1.2.0 Add a bar in order to chose easily the color of your text Mat
Complete banner mod 1.1.2 Complete Banner Management System for phpBB2 Niels Chr. Denmark
Count Posts Mod 1.0.0 Allows you to select if posts in forum are counted upon creation Antony Bailey
Direct user link Mod 1.0.2 Makes the users name as a link when viewing topic"s. For normal users the links points to the profile, for admins it points to the users admin page Niels Chr. Denmark
ezPortal 2.1.8 This Mod explains you how to create a portal for phpBB2 as simple as possible Smartor
FI Codeexpand Mod 1.0.0 This MODification changes the Code formatting in posts to use resizable DIVs Daz
FI Moved Folder Image 1.0.0 Adds a Folder Image for Moved Topics to your phpBB2 Daz
FI Navslices Mod 1.0.0 Displays a Set of Images for special functions (Print Topic, Email friend..) Daz
FI Opacity Buttons 1.0.0 Displays Buttons with Opacity Effect Daz
File Attachment Mod v2 2.3.9 This Mod adds the ability to attach files in phpBB2. Acyd Burn
FISubSilver Shadow Theme 2.11 Theme FISubSIlver Shadow for phpBB 2.0.6 Darren Burnhill
Gender Mod 1.2.4 This mod will add a Gender field into your users" profile. Niels Chr. Denmark
Global Announcment mod 1.2.6 This mod, makes it posible to post global announcements vieweble in all forums Niels Chr. Denmark
Glow & Shadow BBCode Mod 2.0.0 Adds a glow and shadow bbcode tags to your forum David Smith
Highlight Text BBcode Mod 2.0.0 Adds a highlight bbcode tag to your forum David Smith
Keep Em Moving 1.0.0 This mod will keep your animated smilies animated after clicking on one Bill Beardslee
Last Visit Mod 1.2.5 This mod will enable logning of the users last visit time Niels Chr. Denmark
Member Country Flags 2.2.0 Adds the Country Flag to the Users Profile Nuttzy
Message Icons 1.0.2 Adds a message icon right before the topic title Steveurkel
Mini Cal 1.1.11 Provides a mini calendar on your forum index page netclectic
Mods Database Mod 0.1.3 Allows admin to add installed MODifications in his forums to a list. Stefan Paulus
Multiple BBCode MOD 1.0.1 Allows you to install BBCode MODs that add quick BBCode buttons in post edits. Nuttzy
Newsmod 1.2.1 This is a simple mod that allows you to add front-page news to your site. Samuel Cochran
Nickpage Mod 1.3 Adds a complete Nickpage System to your phpBB2. Users can create own Nickpages with a lot of functions. bloddy newbie
Online Offline Indicator 1.3.2 Shows users online status wherever required module is used romans1423
Photo Album Addon 2.0.51 This is a phpBB-based photo album/gallery management system. Smartor
Post Icons Mod 0.0.3 This mod will allow to add an icon in front of each topic title. Ptirhiik
Printable Page 1.0.0 Gives the option of a printable version of a Topic Adam Ismay
Profile Control Panel 1.0.1 This mod is a rewrite of the user management, including new features Ptirhiik
Ranks summarize 1.0.3 This mod displays all the ranks available on your board Ptirhiik
Recent Topics 1.0.3 Shows recent topics on an extra site Acid
Smilie Creator Mod 1.0.3 Adds a BBCode that allows Users to post Smilies with their own Text esperitox
Split topic type 1.0.5 This mod splits the topic per type in the viewform display Ptirhiik
Staff Site 2.0.3 An external site to display who is Mod (or Super Mod) or Admin (or Junior Admin) at your board. Some additional infos. Acid
Streaming audio BBcode Mod 2.0.0 Adds a stream bbcode tag to your forum for the windows media player plugin David Smith
Super Moderators 2.1.0 Allows the Administrator to add a "Super Moderator" with restricted administrative controls. Rawly
Tell A Friend 1.3.0 This MOD will add a "tell a friend" feature. Hardout
Today At/Yesterday At 1.2.1 Will show Today At if the post was posted today, Will show Yesterday At if the post was posted yesterday blulegend
Who viewed a topic 0.9.4 RC2 See who has already viewed a topic Niels Chr. Denmark

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